About Us


Since prehistoric times, men have experienced the need and pleasure of coming together to promote common interests.

The Round Table of Belgium was founded in 1948 with His Royal Highness Albert II as Honorary President. Round Table 85 from Aarschot was founded on June 17, 1978 and is the 85th Belgian Table. It currently unites 20 young men between the ages of 25 and 40.

Ronde Tafel 85 is an association that stimulates friendship and encourages its members to exchange their knowledge, experience and opinion in the field of professional or social activities with others.

The members of RT85 meet every first and third Thursday of the month in Gasthof Ter Venne, but also participate in regional, national or international meetings or activities. The common bond between all diners is the pleasure of meeting other young men from different corners of Belgium and other countries or cultures.

Aims & Objects of Round Table

To foster fellowship between young men through their professional and social activities.
To encourage activity and a sense of responsibility through development of the highest ideals both in the civil as in the professional field.
To promote and extend cooperation, friendship and understanding between nations and people.
To further the Round Table movement worldwide.
The association achieves its aims and objects through the organisation of meetings, conferences, debates and other similar activities where discrimination, whether political, religious, linguistic or racial is forbidden.​



Twice a month, namely the first and third Thursday of the month, the members meet in their club room. During these statutory meetings, they enjoy a meal together, listen to a lecture and/or exchange ideas. New proposals can be made and/or committees can explain the progress of social and other activities. Meetings start around 8:30 PM and end at 11:30 PM at the latest. This opportunity is also an ideal time to exchange experiences.
When there are 5 Thursdays in a month, a Ladies Night is organized. The activity of that evening is then attended together with the partner. For example, in the past we went bowling, went to the folk theater "de Poesjenellen", visited the Jenevermuseum, went to the Fondue Huisje for dinner, etc. We always try to end the evening with a surprising culinary feast.
During the summer months of July and August there is a holiday period for the Table. There are no meetings outside of the holiday meeting. That summer day is a traditional family event that we always try to spend outside in one way or another.
An EC weekend is organized every year. During the first weekend of July, all European Tables with the same base number come together. I.e. all clubs with a number 85 come together for 4 days, each time hosted by members of that specific club. In 2014, Round Table Aarschot hosted a more than successful, sun-drenched weekend, full of ambiance and friendship. In 2018 we are going to Köping in Sweden for the 50th anniversary of the EC. The other sister clubs are Banchory in Scotland, Eindhoven (NL), Douai (FR) Ortenau (D), Mön (DK) and Vaasa (Finland).
Income: The club derives its income from: Membership fees RT85 - the meals - the shop - gifts and sponsorship - activities.

Example activities

  • Aarschot Bruist!
  • Aarschot Bakt
  • Braderie Aarschot
  • Royal Ballet of Flanders 
  • Cheese and Wine Market Aarschot 
  • Christmas market Aarschot 
  • VW Beetle meeting Aarschot 
  • Balloon Happening

Examples Community Service

  • Sandwichproject : National Burn Camp (NBC) 
  • NBC Manpower 
  • Children's home De Schommel in Averbode 
  • Make a Wish - Foundation 
  • School for children with dyslexia 
  • Playground Bekaf 
  • De Schommel Averbode - manpower 
  • Sandwich project "ElsSmiley"

We hope this gives you a better view of how our club works.