Local initiatives supported by Round Table Aarschot

Apojo VZW

Apojo offers support of various kinds to people with a disability: from housing support to the implementation of a meaningful daytime activity and personal guidance at home. We make the lives of people with disabilities easier.

The Housing department offers housing support to people who cannot live independently. You can live in our residential houses or our studio projects, permanently or temporarily. Temporarily is possible when your network is unable to absorb your support for a short period of time. Together with you, we will find out which housing project suits you best. 

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Roba G-Atletiek Betekom

G-Athletiek ensures that people with a mental disability can still participate in athletics. Everyone from the age of 6 to ..... can come to us for practicing the various athletics components. They regularly participate in G competitions, cross country runs and Special Olympics

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VZW Atelier 4

Vzw Atelier 4 is an activity center for people with disabilities. The symbol of our association is the 'four-leaf clover' and this stands for Hope, Trust, Love and Happiness.
In the activity center, the non-profit organization provides workshops and workshops tailored to people with a disability so that they can fully develop. Sarah, Kelly and Lisa see this as their dream to help people with a disability based on their education and experience and this in an open social way in many different activities where everyone also comes into contact with each other.

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Open Weide

Open Weide located on the nature reserve 'het Walenbos' in Tielt-Winge unites tailor-made care, leisure time and nature experience for children and young people with care needs in a unique way. The connection between humans, animals and the environment is central. We work both individually and in a small safe group, always with the necessary respect for visitors, nature and animals.​

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Project Zelfverwonding

Recent research shows that in Flanders 15% of young people intentionally injure themselves, such as scratching, cutting, burning, ... Self-injury is an important precursor of suicidality and depression. Early specialized treatment of self-injury is therefore essential. Unfortunately, these young people in Flanders often have nowhere to go, and they often end up in psychiatry.
In the context of an interuniversity scientific research with KU Leuven and Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Prof. dr. Imke Baetens has developed a specialized outpatient psychotherapeutic treatment for young people who intentionally self-injure. In November 2015, 45 therapists will be trained in this treatment, and thanks to this project we will be able to offer 300 Flemish youngsters a tailor-made treatment.​

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